10,000 Step challenge

10,000 Steps On my! I have just returned from a wonderful trip to France and Switzerland. I had a friend challenge me to take 10,000 steps a day while on my adventure. I found the challenge intriguing as I have NEVER paced my steps before. I thought “This cant be hard. I will be walking everywhere.” On my trip I achieved it many days, as I returned, getting back into my routine I had the high of the challenge on my mind everyday.  I measured my regular workouts with my pedometer and found I didn’t even get in half of the daily recommended steps. I was SO surprised. I am now addicted to get in my 10,000 steps per day plus my yoga and weight training sessions. I am so obsessed with it I am going to challenge all of YOU to JOIN me in this challenge. I want to hear from you. Show me your number and lets push each other to new heights. July was National Park and Recreation Month.
How many are near you? Plus, there are a million outdoor activities to do from biking and hiking in the valley or boating and camping in the mountains. The theme for 2014 is, “Out is In” Where the focus is on making trends. So whether you are sailing the Great Salt Lake or hiking up to Timpanogos Cave, get OUTside! Change your OUTlook! And get INspired! And lets get in 10,000 STEPS


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