4 Ways You Can Celebrate the Month of Love with Wellness



Create More Love In Your Life With My Latest Tips on SharpHeels.com

Every month I contribute an article to the awesome SharpHeels.com site, focused on all things related to professional women.  I love sharing content with their team and their empowered readers!  This month, my focus is on creating self-love through some fun tips in the spirit of the Valentine’s Day.

I believe that in order to authentically love others, you have to create a sense of sustainable and healthy awareness of who you are and why you love yourself first.  When we authentically love ourselves, we take care of our being, our mind and our body, opening us up to both receive the love others give to us, and give our love to others.  Taking care of our heart, will ultimately allow for more room in our life, to share the incredible bond of caring for those we love the most, in a healthy and more genuine way.  That’s what I want you to take away from my latest article!

Here’s a sneak peek at the read:

“Valentine’s Day is about giving love and being loved; it’s about the people in your life who uplift you, support you, and are always there for you. Although we celebrate the holiday commercially on Feb. 14th, love can be celebrated, given and received 365 days/year — even without heart shaped boxes of chocolates being delivered to your cubicle by a secret admirer.

Not by coincidence, February is also American Heart Month, raising peak awareness for how to take care of your heart so it can stay healthy and keep your body on point for a long and vibrant life. I think it’s fitting that we celebrate both the emotional and physical properties of the heart together in one month, as a reminder of how closely they are intertwined on a daily basis.

In the spirit of the holiday awareness month, I am sharing some fun and empowering heart healthy tips for celebrating Valentine’s for you . . .”

Read the full article at SharpHeels.com

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Angela Martindale

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