Bust Stress Like A Man

Good Men Project Stres Busting Tips

I am proud to write for the GoodMenProject.com! Often times, it can be difficult to manage our stress well, while we are living in the moment and dealing with each new stress factor as it comes.  But those small stressors can soon become overwhelming if we don’t get them under control, which is why I am sharing my top tips that can help you Bust Stress Like James Bond, all while wearing a suit and tie! After all, the ladies love James!

Check out my article here and share it on social media with all of your stressed out male friends-they will be grateful that you did!

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Getting Personal On CBS KUTV2's Person2Person With Host Shauna Lake

I was so honored to be on the local CBS affiliate KUTV2’s Person2Person Show this month, and so humbled by all of the support that so many friends, family and clients have shown me over the years and continue to show me in person, on social media and in personal correspondence.  I am grateful for everything that each of you bring to my life, from accepting my full facial birthmark and history as a survivor, to inviting me into your homes and offices as a nutrition, wellness and success coach and speaker, and consistently being part of my Meals That Transform brand.  I am more than happy to share this special TV segment moment with you, as it is a testimonial to the power of healthy personal transformation for us all!

You Can Watch The Entire Person2Person Segment Right Here: Angela Martindale Gets Personal on Person2Person

Thanks to you all,


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Talking with the Power of Perception

12105873_10153145674943321_8694529249894366048_nUnderstanding more about a person is easier when you hear their point of view, when you hear their story, when you know how they developed their perspective.

I had the great opportunity to talk with Power of Perception Radio Host, Scott Golden on BlogTalkRadio this week, all about my perspective and approach to fitness, nutrition and wellness, what the future might hold for the industry, staying energized for keeping New You Revelations, staying realistic about lifestyle changes, and how the food we put into our bodies can transform us for either positive or negative health.

Want to catch my interview and hear what personal events and formal education formed my perspective as a personal nutritionist, wellness coach and fitness trainer?

Just click the link for full access to the podcast to hear more about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  Angela Martindale Talks With Scott Golden on the Power of Perception

4 Ways You Can Celebrate the Month of Love with Wellness



Create More Love In Your Life With My Latest Tips on SharpHeels.com

Every month I contribute an article to the awesome SharpHeels.com site, focused on all things related to professional women.  I love sharing content with their team and their empowered readers!  This month, my focus is on creating self-love through some fun tips in the spirit of the Valentine’s Day.

I believe that in order to authentically love others, you have to create a sense of sustainable and healthy awareness of who you are and why you love yourself first.  When we authentically love ourselves, we take care of our being, our mind and our body, opening us up to both receive the love others give to us, and give our love to others.  Taking care of our heart, will ultimately allow for more room in our life, to share the incredible bond of caring for those we love the most, in a healthy and more genuine way.  That’s what I want you to take away from my latest article!

Here’s a sneak peek at the read:

“Valentine’s Day is about giving love and being loved; it’s about the people in your life who uplift you, support you, and are always there for you. Although we celebrate the holiday commercially on Feb. 14th, love can be celebrated, given and received 365 days/year — even without heart shaped boxes of chocolates being delivered to your cubicle by a secret admirer.

Not by coincidence, February is also American Heart Month, raising peak awareness for how to take care of your heart so it can stay healthy and keep your body on point for a long and vibrant life. I think it’s fitting that we celebrate both the emotional and physical properties of the heart together in one month, as a reminder of how closely they are intertwined on a daily basis.

In the spirit of the holiday awareness month, I am sharing some fun and empowering heart healthy tips for celebrating Valentine’s for you . . .”

Read the full article at SharpHeels.com

Cooking Up A Healthy Valentine’s Day Dinner For Two

KUTV2 Heart Healthy Pic

I love creating new meals for my husband, my family and my friends! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I am showing you just how easy it is to cook up a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner for two, with these Meals That Transform tips on KUTV2 for creating a delicious and nutritious meal, that will show that special person in your life, just how much you love them!

Click here to celebrate your healthy heart with host Casey Scott and I, featured in this video segment, only on the Fresh Living Show.

Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day Dinner and Dessert on Fresh Living

Angela Heart Healthy on KUTV 2 Fresh Living Blog Collage

Today I stopped by the CBS KUTV2 Fresh Living Show to share my support for American Heart Month by offering tips for a heart healthy Valentine’s Day dinner for 2!  Host Scott Casey and I talked about creating everything from a beautiful centerpiece as a focal point for the table setting the tone of a celebratory dinner, and cooking up a Meals That Transform heart healthy entree, followed by a decadent, delicious, drinkable sipping hot chocolate to pull out the richness and flavors of the romantic occasion.

Creating a beautiful centerpiece is easy to do when you have the right vision and materials.  I like an organic, earthy but elegant feel to my centerpieces, so I use plants (like the terrarium plants as shown above) that offer interesting color and shape, offset by a solid colored textured vase, pot or jar that can showcase the contrast and draw the eye.  Smooth river rocks in neutral colors with positive affirmations on them, make for a beautiful base to the tray, and soft cream colored candles add a quiet elegance for the finishing touch.

To top off a lovely dinner, the MTT organic dark sipping chocolate is not only a delicious and festive dessert, but the coconut milk, organic cacao, honey and spice makes for a heart healthy dessert that you and your significant other are sure to enjoy!  I have shared the recipe below:


6-ounces 70% cocoa fine quality (sweetened) chocolate, broken into small pieces

4-ounces water

4-ounces of coconut milk

Dash of Pumpkin Pie spice

Aseda Honey or Agave


  1. Heat the liquid. In a double boiler. Remember that coconut milk will blunt the sharp, distinctive flavors of the chocolate, and also remember that 70% cocoa is very rich without the addition of coconut milk.
  2. Stir in the chocolate until melted and smooth. If the beverage seems too thin, stir more chocolate, a little at a time, until it reaches the desired consistency. Conversely, if it’s too thick, thin with a small amount of water or coconut milk.
  3. Serve in small, espresso-size cups.

 Makes 4-ounces – serves 3-5 people (depending on how much you want to share)




Warrior Well-Being with Creative Warriors Host Jeffrey Shaw

Angela Creative Warrior Podcast Cover

I really enjoyed being on the Creative Warriors podcast with world renowned photographer and business coach, Jeffrey Shaw of Oprah fame!  When Jeffrey and I connected on Twitter, we just hit it off, as we could definitely see that our work was aligned when it comes to helping entrepreneurs become better business owners and creative geniuses, as they pursue their dreams.  Business is so much more than just strategy and numbers.  It is a holistic effort that requires both physical and mental energy, which means that if you are not taking care of your body, then your mind will not work at optimal focus to help you build your empire.  Jeffrey and I talk the role of nutrition in business performance and Meals That Transform, overcoming trials, finding success through failures, staying focused and wellness tips for business owners braving the world of products and services.

Below is the intro excerpt on Jeffrey’s podcast interview with me.  To listen to the interview, just click here.  If you like what you hear, give me a call at the number on my site for a consult to see how I can help you in your business and lifestyle endeavors.  For more from Jeffrey follow him on Twitter at @jeffreyshaw1

Wellness Warrior Excerpt:

“When you’re doing amazing things in the wJeffrey Shaworld as a Creative Warrior, it’s imperative you take care of yourself. There’s a good chance that without you, you wouldn’t have a business. So today we’re changing it up a bit and talking about your health and well-being.

Angela Martindale is the creator of the Ultimate Transformation Lifestyle Series, Founder of Meals That Transform, creator of Chi Yoga Flow and a nutrition and fitness expert for celebrities including Tom Cruise, Katie Couric, Jimmy Buffet, Tom Hanks and Annette Benning to name a few.

Angela is a contributor to various fitness, nutrition and lifestyle publications as well as an inspirational speaker and mentor in lifestyle management and wellness, turning her personal trauma into strong messages of hope and empowerment.

Did we mention the food? We speak from personal experience at Creative Warriors when we say Angela’s OM Vanilla Cranberry Power Butter and OM Power Bars are the best we’ve had!”

(Thanks for that great compliment Jeffrey! -Angela)

Person2Person with KUTV2’s Shauna Lake

Shauna and Angela for Person 2 PersonAngela and Shauna post shoot Person 2 PersonSometimes you have opportunities to meet people in your community that are making an impact with their career both personally and professionally. I had the honor of being asked to sit down with CBS’s KUTV2 News Person2Person Interviewer, Shauna Lake, as an invited guest to talk about my journey first starting out as a personal trainer in Utah, to working with celebrities, Olympic athletes and business moguls all over the world, and back to  Utah where I created Meals That Transform to help educate and provide healthy lifestyle coaching for as many people as I can, from all walks of life.

I was honored to be asked on as a guest and appreciated the genuine flow of conversation with Shauna-she is just as beautiful in person as she is on TV & I am so happy we had the chance to get to know one another better as people & peers.  There are so many amazing Utah natives that are putting positive energy into the world through their work, and it was such a privilege to share the same spotlight on camera that Utah’s mayors, governors, athletes, entrepreneurs, international pop bands and artists, dancers, entertainers, thought leaders, authors and worldwide figures among many others, have sat in before me.

My goals have always been to work with people on a Person2Person level to transform lives, help heal bodies and educate individuals on how to make the most of their body’s 60 trillion cells. It has been and always will be my passion & I am humbled to have worked with so many of you both in Utah and throughout the country, to help you feel the best you can feel about the skin you’re in. I share this special moment with you-Thank you!

The interview segment will air soon, so stay tuned for the dates! In the mean time, here is a link to another great Person2Person interview with Neon Trees Drummer Elaine Bradley, from the awesome Shauna Lake: Eliane Bradley of the Neon Trees Talks With Shauna Lake, Host of Person2Person on KUTV2

The Ultimate Transformation Debuts On CBS KUTV2

Well, The Ultimate Transformation made it’s debut on CBS KUTV2 in Jan. and the tips are unbeatable!  The media theme for January of the new year has been New You Revelations, and what better way to talk about positive lifestyle changes then by referencing my 16 week FREE Ultimate Transformation? My recent top tips for jump-starting new habits with Fresh Living Host, Debbie Worthen, was focused on transforming goals into sustainable lifestyle changes that can be worked on in stages for an overall wellness transformation.

The free 16 week online course is really a “how-to” series taking followers on a journey from start to finish on establishing a positive pattern of lifestyle changes with long term results.  Here’s a preview of some of the things you will learn by following the series from start – finish:

  1. Your #1 behavior change is Positive Affirmation, which itself is a habit change for a lot of people.
  2. Your 2nd most important aspect of a New You Revelation is to be realistic, not pessimistic with your goal setting.
  3. Manifesting Meditation is vital to achieving your goals.
  4. Don’t get fancy, work on basic nutrition to set yourself up for more intense healthy eating habits later. Swap simple foods like Apples instead of Chips, Oatmeal with berries instead of a breakfast sandwich, a water instead of Soda just once a day, or have MTT create and deliver your meals etc.
  5. Take time to celebrate your achievements by pampering yourself.

KUTV2 Ultimate Transformation

Make sure to check out the whole video segment by clicking here for all my tips and stay motivated in your New You Transformation all year long!

Discover New You Revelations on ABC4 With Angela

January is a month of renewed excitement for goal setting and reconnecting with what we really want out of life. Unfortunately, it is sometimes hard to pinpoint exactly what the “thing” is we want to achieve.  Rather than focus on the big changes we want to make, I say focus on the small daily habits that can add up to one big transformation and feel proud of what you are accomplishing all along the way.

In the segment with Emily Clark on ABC4UT, I share my top basic tips for making small habit changes while staying motivated to get you through the whole year.

Angela and Emily ABC 4 New You Revelations

Angel on ABC 4 New You Revelations

For my top 5 Tips to a New You Revelation, just click here and get started feeling great about the new you!

Angela Martindale

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