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Earlier this summer, I went to the set of The Whitney Reynolds Show airing on PBS Chicago, to be part of a show on how society perceives plus size women.  The segment was broken into themes: Active Wear with Katie K Active, Plus Size Modeling with Chicago’s own Nikeya Young, Psychology of Body Image with Positive Psychologist, Lisa Cypers Kamen, and General Health.  I spoke about the health and wellness component of body shape and size, and offered insight into the importance of being healthy versus being skinny.

It was such a pleasure talking with Whitney on this important issue for women across the board and it was a pleasure to be the voice of nutrition by offering tips and important information about what our body needs to feel good at any size.

To view the interview with all four guests, just click “The Plus Size Movement” and share it with other women you feel would appreciate being part of this important social dialogue.



Meals That Transform Gourmet Gift Box Gets A Holiday Boost

Holiday gifting is here!  Do you still have a few people on your list that you are struggling to find gifts for? just released a “Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas” list that includes the Meals That Transform Gourmet Gift Box!

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Give the gift of wellness in a box this holiday season to all of your friends and family-they will taste the difference!

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MTT Gourmet Giftbox Christmas Post



Social Media Detox: Why You Need To Power Down


My latest article for Sharp Heels deals with the need to power down from our social media so that we can reset our minds, collect our personal thoughts and actually get some sleep!  Here’s the opening excerpt:

“Scouring my social media feed at the airport in between business meetings one day, I had a flashback to the days where grandpas sat restfully on their porches in the evenings with a glass of sweet tea, to read the newspaper and catch up on the day’s happenings, and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to RELAX while catching up on the day?”

In our millennial world, not only can we read the news at any time day or night, but we can be part of the stories by adding a comment, sharing a post, or even being a contributor of the social dialogue through guest submissions.  We silver-spoon feed each other an all-we-can-intake buffet of minute-by- minute snippets of celebrity gossip; fashion ins and outs; exercise do’s and donts; the latest marketing trends for your business; the latest advice from experts in your field; the latest breakthrough scientific discoveries; the most recent (literally up-to-the-second) world news; most recent political events; the latest brand announcements – and of course, podcasts galore.

So not only are we digesting information every time we look at Snapchat, Instagram, FB, Twitter, Periscope, and Pinterest (to name a few), but our brains are being stuffed so full of content that sometimes, we have to put on the elastic-waist pants (mentally and metaphorically speaking) just to accommodate the enormous amount of images, stories, advice and videos we see in fifteen short minutes of social media scan time.

We are ready to connect at the touch of an emoji, but our brains are on overload: more often than not, an hour past our intended “quick check-in” goes by, and we’ve been distracted by twenty posts that all seemed imperative for us to know about right then!  I like to call this “Goldfish Syndrome” — when we feel like a goldfish hurriedly swimming circles around a bowl with short-term memory (think Dory in Finding Nemo, hyped up on caffeine), before crashing into an object that knocks us down and forces us into thinking, just maybe, about a social media detox. And truth be told, there is something to be said about the relaxing, methodical routine of the print-reading days of yore that may promote health and wellness.
So, how do we find a healthy social media/life balance in our “need it now”-induced environment?

Power down and re-energize yourself, with deep physical and mental wellness benefits:”  Click here to read the full article

5 Healthy Tips To Keep You On Track Through Thanksgiving

Turkey Day, Gratitude Day, Day of Feasting, whatever you call it, the Thanksgiving holiday is absolutely the gateway holiday for us to fall off the wagon from the healthy diets we have tried so hard to maintain throughout the year. There is just something about the warm and cozy season that makes us want to eat!

Pumpkin cookies, cream based soups and stews, warm apple bread and desserts galore start popping up in store windows and restaurant menus. Our schedules become so full with holiday events, holiday shopping and end of the year work projects, that without even knowing it, our fitness routines have taken a backseat to our busy schedule, and we have slowly eased our way into elastic pants and 5-7 extra pounds. It’s hard to balance our schedules so that our exercise stays a priority AND say no to all of that tempting food once the holiday season starts. But, there are ways we can keep ourselves on track and still enjoy the Thanksgiving eating rituals that make up American family traditions.

Here are 5 of my top nutrition and fitness tips for keeping yourself, healthy, happy and feeling good in the clothes you have worked so hard to fit into all year (no elastic pants included)!

5 Healthy Tips to Get You Through the Holidays

by Angela Martindale

1. Make your workout a priority during the holidays.

Put a reminder alert in your phone to workout at least 3 times/week for 35-45 minutes a day, starting in November and ask a friend to workout with you at the same time every day. Having someone else depending on you to keep them motivated can make you more accountable to show up and perform. Keeping each other motivated and on the track goes a long way to staying positive about your commitment to stay active through the holidays.

2. Add an extra 10 minutes and a new exercise to your workout for an extra metabolism boost.

You already know you will be eating more calories during the holiday season, and you can absolutely do that if you are pushing your body’s activity levels to be higher. Our body can plateau in terms of muscle building and weight loss when we repeat the same exercises daily for months at a time. If we add more time with a new exercise we haven’t included in our previous routine, we push our body to keep working hard for strong muscle growth while boosting its ability to burn calories. Giving our bodies this boost during the holidays is exactly what they need to keep working hard long after we leave the gym.

3. Stay away from gluten.

We are no longer eating the gluten that our parents were 30 years ago. The hybridized wheat of today contains new proteins that were not found in the wheat of yesterday, and those hybrid proteins can be responsible for systemic inflammation, intolerance and celiac allergies. Staying away from products containing gluten can stave off bloating and other intestinal issues that not only cause discomfort but can also make you feel lethargic and sick at the same time. Nobody wants to feel any of those things during the holidays! Ask for gluten-free menus at restaurants and offer to bring a gluten free item to the parties you’re invited too, ensuring that you will have something great to eat at the table.

4. Say no thank you to alcohol to keep feeling great.

The liver receives alcohol as a toxin so when you consume alcohol with a meal, your liver works on breaking down and flushing the alcohol first, leaving the breakdown of food nutrients being the second priority. This means your body burns empty calories for energy before nutrient rich calories, and when your body really needs the energy from food nutrients, the body has already stored them as fat. Repeatedly doing this will definitely lead to weight gain and weaken your body’s ability to fight off infection and stay healthy so you can enjoy the holidays. Limit your alcohol intake leading up to the actual Thanksgiving Day meal, and then savor your drink of choice slowly with your family and friends. Enjoy it while eating a great meal and then hydrate yourself with water to help your liver flush out the alcohol. This will keep your body healthy, your mind clear to enjoy the day and your weight on track.

5. Increase your PH balance.

Eating nutrient and anti-oxidant rich foods such as dark leafy greens, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, apples, cranberries, almonds, cashews, mint, dill and other herbs; along with exercise and de-stressing activities such as yoga and meditation can help keep your body from becoming toxic. Our bodies should optimally be at an alkaline balance of 7.35-7.45.  If we are above or below it means that we are at an increased risk for a disease. When we are not distressing and eating oxygen rich foods, we deprive our cells from absorbing the nutrients and minerals we need from our foods. This lack of absorption can cause weight gain as the body thinks it is starving and holds on to the nutrients in terms of fat. This can also decrease our energy levels which makes it harder for us to workout, stave off illness and enjoy the holidays.  Eating the foods mentioned above along with lean proteins and drinking at least 32 oz. of water a day, will help keep your energy and metabolism working the way you need it to, so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving the way you want to.

These 5 tips will keep you motivated and healthy so that you can approach the Thanksgiving season feeling great, looking great and ready to celebrate.

Image Credit: Shutterstock

4 New Ways To Love The Skin You’re In on CBS Utah

Love The Skin You're In KUTV Image Graphic

Body Image is a social dialogue topic that is both educating and empowering women to feel good in their own skin. As an advocate for individuals to cultivate their inner wellness, just as much as their physical wellness, I am always honored to address a topic that is so embedded in our social conversation.

Feeling good in your own body is so important to a successful life.  If we spend all of our time picking our bodies apart for what’s wrong with them, then we lose valuable positive energy that could be spent understanding what our body actually enables us to do.  I had the privilege of sharing some unique tips with UT CBS affiliate KUTV2’s Fresh Living Show, about some ways we can think outside the box for a better image perspective, so we can stop being body negative, and start being body positive.  Remember, what you do to improve your body is your choice, but how you think about your body will lead you to make positive choices for it.

To see the video, just click here:  Love The Skin You’re In

Be You, Be Thankful Event Supports Cancer Recovery

Be You Be Thankful Blog graphic

Meals That Transform is a proud sponsor of The Cancer Rehab Centers and it’s efforts to help those impacted by the fight against cancer.  The Cancer Rehab Centers provide recovery tools for physical and mental recovery to cancer survivors, as they begin the process of healing from their long and tiring fight against the illness.  I am so proud that my Meals That Transform kitchen is able to contribute healthy and nutritiously sound foods, packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals that promote overall health, healing and wellness for the body in recovery.  We were honored to provide the great spread of foods, veggies and fruits as seen above for their recent Be You, Be Thankful event.  We encourage all those impacted by cancer in Utah to visit  for information on how they can help you and your family.  They are true champions!

Loved The Lunch and Learn with the Celtic Bank in Salt Lake City

Celtic Bank Lunch and Learn

I had a delightful time at the Celtic Bank “Lunch and Learn” this Wednesday sharing my Top 10 Tips To Toast To A Healthy Holiday!

The staff was interactive and fun and I enjoyed all of their health and wellness questions.  Being there reminded me once more of my love for what I do! Being a nutritionist is more than being able to tell you which foods are good for you, it’s about knowing what those foods can do for you that will change your life, that is the key behind being an expert.  Education is paramount to me in both my personal life and my business life.  Helping others understand why, how and what our food does inside our body and mind is truly my passion!

If you, or a company you know of is interested in having a luncheon speaker or your lunch catered, please give me a call at the number and never have another boring company lunch again!

It was great to be there Celtic Bank!  I look forward to being there again in the near future.


Keep Your Immune System Working with These Holiday Tips

Angela on ABC4UT November

I had a great time as a guest for ABC4UT this week talking about how you can keep your immune system running efficiently and effectively throughout the holiday season.

We use up so much energy preparing for the holiday season, and will little sleep, kids, jobs, social events and family/friends, we start getting run down and soon we are the one sitting in the family room, in our robe, with a box of Kleenexes and a cup of tea while everyone else enjoys the fruits of our hard work!  Sound like fun?  No thanks!

Take a look at this video segment to get some great tips on staying healthy and happy for your upcoming holidays!

Angela Martindale Joins ABC4 Good Morning Utah for Healthy Seasonal Tips

Happy Health!




Body Positive: What Does It Really Mean To You?

How to Love Your Body at Any Size

body image promo shutterstock_130218554

When I submitted an article to The Active Times for consideration about ways we can love our body and why we need to for our health, I was excited to hear back that it was going to be published! I could talk about this topic all day, it is that important for women to understand how special and amazing our bodies are.  Everything in this article is geared toward being grateful for the shape, size, height and gene pool that makes up our physical form, so that we can focus on what our body (just as it is) enables us to do with our life.

Head on over to to read the entire article about why you should love your body!




Fresh Living Show Birthday Bash


“Celebrate Good Times, Come On!”

Thanks to KUTV2 for inviting me to be in the audience to celebrate the 6th Birthday of the Fresh Living Show ! Even though the picture is a little blurry, I was ecstatic not only to be invited, but also to win a Harmon’s Gift Card for $100!  I always have a great time with hosts Casey and Debbie as a guest, and I am so happy to support them in this great celebration! You can visit their site to see fantastic guests everyday right here

Hope your day is Fresh and Fun,


Angela Martindale

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