Eat Awesome Things At School

I am so excited to be a new contributor for the Park City’s EATS program. It is a wonderful community organization that focuses on enhancing the local school lunch program.

This program provides kids with amazing opportunities to try new healthy eating options that they can easily incorporate in their daily lives.  The program is fueling a lot of conversation in the larger community about the choices we all make about our food.


It is a newish effort, and is backed by a group of dedicated volunteers who are all coming together to teach Kindergarten-5th grade students on how to prepare healthy alternatives for foods that they are already familiar with and also allows them to try and enjoy new foods that they are not familiar with, such as black bean burgers, salads and quinoa in a fun and supportive environment.

The kids and I are going to have a little party, it’s theme is Cinco De Mayo With a Twist. We’re going to prepare and then enjoy Gluten Free Goat Cheese Quesadillas with guacamole and Strawberry Salsa while listening to some festive music.






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