Facing Fear For Greater Success


5 Fears That Contribute To Us Making Excuses


Fear. It stops us in our tracks.  It keeps us from reaching our full potential and hinders us from learning lessons that will help us become our most amazing self.  So why do we entertain it?

I wanted to address this issue because I have faced fear personally and I know how awful it can be, and also what a great self-improvement tool it can be to motivate us into a new dimension of our life.  In this article I try to cover the most important aspects of fear and what we can do to begin facing them for more success personally and professionally.  Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“What fears do we have that help us make excuses?

Fear of the Unknown

People tend to be very cautious in taking risks that might upset their current reality, resistant to making the slightest adjustment to their comfortable daily behaviors, even if those behaviors are not in their best interest.  For example on a small scale, people often hesitate to try new foods or new hobbies because it disrupts their comfortable routine.  On a larger scale, people hesitate to make a career change or a lifestyle change because they are afraid that the outcome will not be worth the risk, and so they stay in their situation, wishing they could be brave enough to try something new, hiding behind an excuse like “it’s just not the right time”. . .

For the whole article and to see what fear factor you might be facing, just click 5 Fears That Contribute To Us Making Excuses and start taking back control of your life!

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Angela Martindale

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