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Angela Martindale is a gifted keynote speaker with a message that provides inspiration, motivation, direction and education from personal and business experiences that impacts the masses. She speaks in the corporate and private sectors including but not limited to local and national business groups, city and state government, all levels of schools, non profit organizations and charities, conventions, retreats, health expos, women led groups, and self help/empowerment conferences.

Angela would appreciate the opportunity to create a speech specific to your event needs.

Examples of speaking packages:

  • Rock Star Nutrition & Fitness with Angela Martindale – Presentation with specific classroom lessons designed around proper nutrition and fitness for children and youth ages K – 8th grade. A dynamic fun packed 30 minute presentation with great music, movement, and images that inspire and educate.\
  •  Living the 360 Life with Angela Martindale – How to find balance in Work, Play, Fitness, and Nutrition and achieve better health. Ideal for small to mid size companies or organizations who seek to provide workplace wellness, improve company loyalty, reduce burnout, fight desk fatigue, inspire self change, motivate the team, and increase staff effectiveness. This 60 minute presentation takes the boredom out of wellness and adds sizzle to how great we can live.
  •  I Am Angela Martindale – The Power of Being You. Explore the factors that define or limit our perceptions of who we are, what we feel like, what we believe about ourselves, what we can achieve, and who we can become. Learn how to see and feel just who you are…just exactly how great you can be. This 45 minute presentation is loaded with self affirmations, goal setting, simple self growth steps/techniques, and inspiration all about you. Feel the Power of You! Perfect for young women, women organizations, and women based groups.
  • The age of empowerment  – At what age are you truly an empowered woman? Does your current belief system motivate your Chief Aim?  Is being empowered in business different from personal fulfillment?  What are you doing to manifest your goals?  Are your goals making you feel good now?  What does being an empowered woman really mean to you?

If you represent an organization that would like to secure Angela Martindale to speak at an event: Please fill out the Speaking request form.



Angela Martindale

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