Loved The Lunch and Learn with the Celtic Bank in Salt Lake City

Celtic Bank Lunch and Learn

I had a delightful time at the Celtic Bank “Lunch and Learn” this Wednesday sharing my Top 10 Tips To Toast To A Healthy Holiday!

The staff was interactive and fun and I enjoyed all of their health and wellness questions.  Being there reminded me once more of my love for what I do! Being a nutritionist is more than being able to tell you which foods are good for you, it’s about knowing what those foods can do for you that will change your life, that is the key behind being an expert.  Education is paramount to me in both my personal life and my business life.  Helping others understand why, how and what our food does inside our body and mind is truly my passion!

If you, or a company you know of is interested in having a luncheon speaker or your lunch catered, please give me a call at the number and never have another boring company lunch again!

It was great to be there Celtic Bank!  I look forward to being there again in the near future.


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Angela Martindale

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