Person2Person with KUTV2’s Shauna Lake

Shauna and Angela for Person 2 PersonAngela and Shauna post shoot Person 2 PersonSometimes you have opportunities to meet people in your community that are making an impact with their career both personally and professionally. I had the honor of being asked to sit down with CBS’s KUTV2 News Person2Person Interviewer, Shauna Lake, as an invited guest to talk about my journey first starting out as a personal trainer in Utah, to working with celebrities, Olympic athletes and business moguls all over the world, and back to  Utah where I created Meals That Transform to help educate and provide healthy lifestyle coaching for as many people as I can, from all walks of life.

I was honored to be asked on as a guest and appreciated the genuine flow of conversation with Shauna-she is just as beautiful in person as she is on TV & I am so happy we had the chance to get to know one another better as people & peers.  There are so many amazing Utah natives that are putting positive energy into the world through their work, and it was such a privilege to share the same spotlight on camera that Utah’s mayors, governors, athletes, entrepreneurs, international pop bands and artists, dancers, entertainers, thought leaders, authors and worldwide figures among many others, have sat in before me.

My goals have always been to work with people on a Person2Person level to transform lives, help heal bodies and educate individuals on how to make the most of their body’s 60 trillion cells. It has been and always will be my passion & I am humbled to have worked with so many of you both in Utah and throughout the country, to help you feel the best you can feel about the skin you’re in. I share this special moment with you-Thank you!

The interview segment will air soon, so stay tuned for the dates! In the mean time, here is a link to another great Person2Person interview with Neon Trees Drummer Elaine Bradley, from the awesome Shauna Lake: Eliane Bradley of the Neon Trees Talks With Shauna Lake, Host of Person2Person on KUTV2

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