Purpose in Everyday Life

Stop Searching For Your Purpose and Just Live Your Life

It can be hard to find your authentic voice and deeper life purpose when you wake up in the morning, knowing that you have a million things on your plate to do and only 24 hours to get them done before the next daily cycle begins.  Finding that personal passion and creating opportunities to fulfill it often seems like a dream that only few people ever experience in reality, but there are a few practical things that we can do in our daily life that can lead us to mindful insights and transformative living, without even realizing we are doing it.  Sharing my top tips with the EverydayPowerBlog.com for creating purpose in your life, simply by living your life, was a great experience for me.  I was reminded of the impact basic principles such as gratitude, hard work and positive perspective have in helping us find meaning without truly seeking for it.  Although I practice those key principles in my life in general, everyone needs a healthy reminder to stop trying so hard to feel fulfilled, and just enjoy the ride that is everyday life.  Amazing things happen everyday such as; getting a smile from a stranger, being the stranger to smile, someone holding the door open for someone, someone saying “thank you” for something, someone achieving a milestone they worked hard for, to someone realizing that they are in control of their choices.  It’s the little things, events and conversations that create big, powerful, life altering transformations and it was such a pleasure to share some of the ways I have been able to find purpose in my life, simply by living it.  I hope you enjoy the article.  Just click here to read it, and share it with a friend who might need a reminder that they have purpose too.
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Angela Martindale

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