Social Media Detox: Why You Need To Power Down


My latest article for Sharp Heels deals with the need to power down from our social media so that we can reset our minds, collect our personal thoughts and actually get some sleep!  Here’s the opening excerpt:

“Scouring my social media feed at the airport in between business meetings one day, I had a flashback to the days where grandpas sat restfully on their porches in the evenings with a glass of sweet tea, to read the newspaper and catch up on the day’s happenings, and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to RELAX while catching up on the day?”

In our millennial world, not only can we read the news at any time day or night, but we can be part of the stories by adding a comment, sharing a post, or even being a contributor of the social dialogue through guest submissions.  We silver-spoon feed each other an all-we-can-intake buffet of minute-by- minute snippets of celebrity gossip; fashion ins and outs; exercise do’s and donts; the latest marketing trends for your business; the latest advice from experts in your field; the latest breakthrough scientific discoveries; the most recent (literally up-to-the-second) world news; most recent political events; the latest brand announcements – and of course, podcasts galore.

So not only are we digesting information every time we look at Snapchat, Instagram, FB, Twitter, Periscope, and Pinterest (to name a few), but our brains are being stuffed so full of content that sometimes, we have to put on the elastic-waist pants (mentally and metaphorically speaking) just to accommodate the enormous amount of images, stories, advice and videos we see in fifteen short minutes of social media scan time.

We are ready to connect at the touch of an emoji, but our brains are on overload: more often than not, an hour past our intended “quick check-in” goes by, and we’ve been distracted by twenty posts that all seemed imperative for us to know about right then!  I like to call this “Goldfish Syndrome” — when we feel like a goldfish hurriedly swimming circles around a bowl with short-term memory (think Dory in Finding Nemo, hyped up on caffeine), before crashing into an object that knocks us down and forces us into thinking, just maybe, about a social media detox. And truth be told, there is something to be said about the relaxing, methodical routine of the print-reading days of yore that may promote health and wellness.
So, how do we find a healthy social media/life balance in our “need it now”-induced environment?

Power down and re-energize yourself, with deep physical and mental wellness benefits:”  Click here to read the full article

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Angela Martindale

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