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Going on your first business trip is exciting! Getting prepared for it under pressure can be hectic and overwhelming if you’re not sure how to do it efficiently.  As a lifestyle expert, I love sharing my latest tips for maximizing all of life’s situations so you can face them head on, and feel great doing everything you need to for the most successful experience possible, which is why I am sharing this tip list with SharpHeels.com!

Here is a sample of some of my top tips you can use to minimize stress, optimize energy and make a great first impression to the people that matter in your first business trip presentation:

“1. Power Trip
No matter whether you are packing for a trip where you are part of a team, or going solo, representing your business requires that you feel like a rock star. What better way to feel like you can kill it, then to wear an amazing pair of killer heels?

Solution: Pick out your power heels at the beginning of your travel week, as a visual motivator for how you are going to feel when you first shake hands with that game-changing individual in your big meeting. Visual motivation is truly powerful for building confidence, and if you walk into your meeting feeling like a rock star because you’ve been visualizing yourself presenting in your power shoes all week, then chances are you will feel the part and own the dialogue as you deliver a confident message. . . ”

For all of my tips visit: 5 Tips To Stay Focused, Energized & In Control While Traveling for Work and start feeling confident in your ability to rock the world with every trip you take!


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Angela Martindale

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