Talking Plus Size


Earlier this summer, I went to the set of The Whitney Reynolds Show airing on PBS Chicago, to be part of a show on how society perceives plus size women.  The segment was broken into themes: Active Wear with Katie K Active, Plus Size Modeling with Chicago’s own Nikeya Young, Psychology of Body Image with Positive Psychologist, Lisa Cypers Kamen, and General Health.  I spoke about the health and wellness component of body shape and size, and offered insight into the importance of being healthy versus being skinny.

It was such a pleasure talking with Whitney on this important issue for women across the board and it was a pleasure to be the voice of nutrition by offering tips and important information about what our body needs to feel good at any size.

To view the interview with all four guests, just click “The Plus Size Movement” and share it with other women you feel would appreciate being part of this important social dialogue.



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Angela Martindale

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