Talking with ConversationsLIVE Radio Host Cyrus Webb

This morning I had the privilege of talking with ConversationsLIVE Radio and TV Host, Publicist and CONVERSATIONS Magazine Editor, Cyrus Webb, not only did I get to spend time with him talking about my experience with nutrition in healing from trauma, I was honored to be his 6,300 guest marking a special milestone for the show!  Cyrus is really an amazing host.  His genuine nature and ability to get to the heart of the topic is refreshing and I really enjoyed speaking with him.  So, what did we talk about?  Nutrition in general, my personal experience utilizing nutrition to heal trauma in my own life, how my work has impacted others and how others have impacted me throughout my career.  We discussed food behavior, the effect that forgiveness can have on our overall health and empowering ourselves through making positive life choices along with good nutrition.

Thanks again to Cyrus for being a great Host and for talking about the extremely important topic of taking care of our bodies.

Missed the interview? Just click here to listen.




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Angela Martindale

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