Talking with the Power of Perception

12105873_10153145674943321_8694529249894366048_nUnderstanding more about a person is easier when you hear their point of view, when you hear their story, when you know how they developed their perspective.

I had the great opportunity to talk with Power of Perception Radio Host, Scott Golden on BlogTalkRadio this week, all about my perspective and approach to fitness, nutrition and wellness, what the future might hold for the industry, staying energized for keeping New You Revelations, staying realistic about lifestyle changes, and how the food we put into our bodies can transform us for either positive or negative health.

Want to catch my interview and hear what personal events and formal education formed my perspective as a personal nutritionist, wellness coach and fitness trainer?

Just click the link for full access to the podcast to hear more about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  Angela Martindale Talks With Scott Golden on the Power of Perception

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Angela Martindale

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