The Talk: Domestic Violence, Nutrition and You

October was a very busy month for me as I embarked on a mini-media tour to share my own personal story and raise awareness for Domestic Violence.  I am so grateful to ABC4 Good Morning Utah, the KUTV2 Fresh Living Show, FOX Las Vegas and ABC Las Vegas for having me on as a morning show guest regarding this uncomfortable yet, important topic.

As a survivor of Domestic Violence, I know the importance of nutrition and wellness practices in healing the mental and physical trauma that lingers after the abuse stops.  I had to rebuild my life after I decided to leave my abuser, and I spent the month of October educating viewers and readers about spotting the signs of abuse and how to help, sharing my own personal strategy of healing with other women and men who may find themselves in an abusive situation, and encouraging women and men to recognize the potential for abuse and be cautious in their dating.

Nutrition is a primary factor in healing the body so the mind can process both emotional and spiritual repair.  If we are not feeding our mind a diet rich with vitamins, minerals and lean proteins then it will not function to it’s maximum, and when we are healing, it is our brain that directs our body on how to repair.  It was my pleasure and an honor to address this subject on the networks that hosted me, and I hope you will find the information I share in the videos you see below to be helpful in any trauma related healing you may face.

I survived and I know you can too!


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Angela Martindale

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