The Ultimate Transformation Debuts On CBS KUTV2

Well, The Ultimate Transformation made it’s debut on CBS KUTV2 in Jan. and the tips are unbeatable!  The media theme for January of the new year has been New You Revelations, and what better way to talk about positive lifestyle changes then by referencing my 16 week FREE Ultimate Transformation? My recent top tips for jump-starting new habits with Fresh Living Host, Debbie Worthen, was focused on transforming goals into sustainable lifestyle changes that can be worked on in stages for an overall wellness transformation.

The free 16 week online course is really a “how-to” series taking followers on a journey from start to finish on establishing a positive pattern of lifestyle changes with long term results.  Here’s a preview of some of the things you will learn by following the series from start – finish:

  1. Your #1 behavior change is Positive Affirmation, which itself is a habit change for a lot of people.
  2. Your 2nd most important aspect of a New You Revelation is to be realistic, not pessimistic with your goal setting.
  3. Manifesting Meditation is vital to achieving your goals.
  4. Don’t get fancy, work on basic nutrition to set yourself up for more intense healthy eating habits later. Swap simple foods like Apples instead of Chips, Oatmeal with berries instead of a breakfast sandwich, a water instead of Soda just once a day, or have MTT create and deliver your meals etc.
  5. Take time to celebrate your achievements by pampering yourself.

KUTV2 Ultimate Transformation

Make sure to check out the whole video segment by clicking here for all my tips and stay motivated in your New You Transformation all year long!

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Angela Martindale

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