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No More Stress! Get Back To The Authentic You.

Being a new mom is a very stressful situation. Hormones, schedules, body changes, lifestyle changes, midnight feedings and a whole host of other issues can create chaos in your life, and sometimes all you can do is sit down and cry!

Josh Trent, Host of top itunes rated wellness podcast, Wellness Force Radio, and I sat down to chat all about my tips for helping out new moms feel like their authentic selves again.  Josh is an amazing person who has been through a wellness lifestyle transformation himself and is so easy to talk to.  I felt more at ease just talking with him myself!  One of the top things Josh and I talked about is learning to educate ourselves on what our bodies need to reduce stress and feel more confident in knowing how to provide for ourselves, so that we feel good about ourselves.  For moms, this is especially important.

When we know how our body functions, we can exercise more control over our emotional, hormonal and physical healing in post-partum life, which will allow us to feel more confident in our ability to not only be a good mother, but more like our pre-baby self.  Here’s the top 5 topics we cover in the interview:

  • Understanding what the body needs
  • Understanding what the emotions need
  • Balancing mom life with personal life
  • Fitness makes us feel good
  • Nutrition as a stress management tool

To check out the interview, just click here: Angela Martindale: Life Changing Habits For Stressed Out Moms and you can hear all of our tips for a healthier you!


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