Utah’s Own MAKERS Take The Stage at 1st Utah Women’s Summit

angela ay UT Women's Summit

On October 2nd I had the honor of taking the stage as a keynote speaker at the 1st Utah Women’s Summit.  The event brought almost 300 of Utah’s most influential and accomplished women together in one room, to network, listen to other amazing women share their personal stories of triumph and success, and inspire one another to utilize their talents in creating their passions and skills into businesses, higher educational aspirations and social outreach.

My presentation, MAD HATTER,  focused specifically on balancing all of the hats women wear in their personal and professional life.  I encouraged the attendees to utilize and create a positive lifestyle, nutrition routines and wellness techniques for a more genuine life experience.  Often we try to manage all of the roles we play as women, without taking the time we need to focus on the things we can actually do well.  If we start with positive affirmations, that build up our psyche about the things we already “are”, we can build a solid foundation for being able to take on more. Altering how we approach small daily habits one at a time such as;  Time Management, Exercise, Diet, Nutrition, Social Habits and Work Balance, will ultimately have a big impact on our happiness.  Wearing a lot of different hats can leave us feeling off balance, depressed and tired.  Learning which ones you wear well, which ones need work and which ones just don’t work, are key to finding success.

It was a great day and I enjoyed every single minute of it!  You can see all of the speaking presentations by clicking here.

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Angela Martindale

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