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I really enjoyed being on the Creative Warriors podcast with world renowned photographer and business coach, Jeffrey Shaw of Oprah fame!  When Jeffrey and I connected on Twitter, we just hit it off, as we could definitely see that our work was aligned when it comes to helping entrepreneurs become better business owners and creative geniuses, as they pursue their dreams.  Business is so much more than just strategy and numbers.  It is a holistic effort that requires both physical and mental energy, which means that if you are not taking care of your body, then your mind will not work at optimal focus to help you build your empire.  Jeffrey and I talk the role of nutrition in business performance and Meals That Transform, overcoming trials, finding success through failures, staying focused and wellness tips for business owners braving the world of products and services.

Below is the intro excerpt on Jeffrey’s podcast interview with me.  To listen to the interview, just click here.  If you like what you hear, give me a call at the number on my site for a consult to see how I can help you in your business and lifestyle endeavors.  For more from Jeffrey follow him on Twitter at @jeffreyshaw1

Wellness Warrior Excerpt:

“When you’re doing amazing things in the wJeffrey Shaworld as a Creative Warrior, it’s imperative you take care of yourself. There’s a good chance that without you, you wouldn’t have a business. So today we’re changing it up a bit and talking about your health and well-being.

Angela Martindale is the creator of the Ultimate Transformation Lifestyle Series, Founder of Meals That Transform, creator of Chi Yoga Flow and a nutrition and fitness expert for celebrities including Tom Cruise, Katie Couric, Jimmy Buffet, Tom Hanks and Annette Benning to name a few.

Angela is a contributor to various fitness, nutrition and lifestyle publications as well as an inspirational speaker and mentor in lifestyle management and wellness, turning her personal trauma into strong messages of hope and empowerment.

Did we mention the food? We speak from personal experience at Creative Warriors when we say Angela’s OM Vanilla Cranberry Power Butter and OM Power Bars are the best we’ve had!”

(Thanks for that great compliment Jeffrey! -Angela)

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