4 New Ways To Love The Skin You’re In on CBS Utah

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Body Image is a social dialogue topic that is both educating and empowering women to feel good in their own skin. As an advocate for individuals to cultivate their inner wellness, just as much as their physical wellness, I am always honored to address a topic that is so embedded in our social conversation.

Feeling good in your own body is so important to a successful life.  If we spend all of our time picking our bodies apart for what’s wrong with them, then we lose valuable positive energy that could be spent understanding what our body actually enables us to do.  I had the privilege of sharing some unique tips with UT CBS affiliate KUTV2’s Fresh Living Show, about some ways we can think outside the box for a better image perspective, so we can stop being body negative, and start being body positive.  Remember, what you do to improve your body is your choice, but how you think about your body will lead you to make positive choices for it.

To see the video, just click here:  Love The Skin You’re In

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Angela Martindale

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