Facing Fear For Greater Success


5 Fears That Contribute To Us Making Excuses


Fear. It stops us in our tracks.  It keeps us from reaching our full potential and hinders us from learning lessons that will help us become our most amazing self.  So why do we entertain it?

I wanted to address this issue because I have faced fear personally and I know how awful it can be, and also what a great self-improvement tool it can be to motivate us into a new dimension of our life.  In this article I try to cover the most important aspects of fear and what we can do to begin facing them for more success personally and professionally.  Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“What fears do we have that help us make excuses?

Fear of the Unknown

People tend to be very cautious in taking risks that might upset their current reality, resistant to making the slightest adjustment to their comfortable daily behaviors, even if those behaviors are not in their best interest.  For example on a small scale, people often hesitate to try new foods or new hobbies because it disrupts their comfortable routine.  On a larger scale, people hesitate to make a career change or a lifestyle change because they are afraid that the outcome will not be worth the risk, and so they stay in their situation, wishing they could be brave enough to try something new, hiding behind an excuse like “it’s just not the right time”. . .

For the whole article and to see what fear factor you might be facing, just click 5 Fears That Contribute To Us Making Excuses and start taking back control of your life!

It's All About Choice

Bloom for Women Gold MiniVan Pic

Gold Minivan: Angela Martindale

Scabs from Bloom, Program Director BloomforWomen.com

Everyone has a choice! I was Marked at Birth, but I chose Transformation and you CAN too!

Thanks to BloomforWomen‬ for giving me the opportunity to share my story in this creative interview format which aired yesterday! It was delightful to talk with the host & I wanted to share it with you. Here’s an excerpt:

“I was training for the biggest fitness competition of my life and was laying on the ground after being hit by this gold minivan, and all I could feel was my injured body. All I could see was this van driving away and I knew I either had to either get up, or lay there waiting for someone else to help me. . .
I chose to get up and it’s a choice I have been making everyday since I made that decision.”

For the entire interview, just visit: Gold Minivan: Angela Martindale and leave a comment with your story.

Please listen and share with someone who would be encouraged to make a positive change in their life for increased happiness and self-love. We always have a choice in how we respond to life’s obstacles-what will your choice be?


Partner Communication for Healthy Lifestyle Transformation

holding-hands Tips for Talking To Your Spouse Good Men Project

Photo credit: Flickr/RyanMcGinnis

Talking to our partners/spouses/family and friends about wanting to create a healthy lifestyle transformation can be difficult if we don’t have the right communication tools.

In my 20 years of consulting clients, communication about the desire to change is one of the top concerns for people, which is why I felt it was so important to address it as a topic for TheGoodMenProject.com, where I share both the top concerns I hear, and my solutions for how to make the conversation easier.

Here is a sample of the article:

“#1. My spouse wants me to lose weight, but complains about (and is frequently frustrated with) how irritable I am when I try to change my eating habits. 

Changing the body at the cellular level takes enormous amounts of energy and can cause a chemical rebalancing of hormones for both men and women. Withdrawal symptoms of irritability and crankiness are prone to happen as the body shifts its comfortable metabolism to a new healthy state. Sugary carb cravings, practicing self-discipline and changing perspectives on nutrition, impacts both the mind and body, and can definitely cause signs of emotional duress and frustration similar to detoxifying from a drug. When we are changing our body, and our daily lifestyle habits, we our changing our thought process at the same time & doing both simultaneously can be challenging. Spouses need to be understanding of the reality of “losing weight” for their partners, so they can manage the side effects and expectations of the process together as a team. Even if your spouse isn’t losing weight with you, talking about the process and potential “transformation effects” with a nutritionist before the plan begins as a couple, can really help with stress management for both you and your spouse, help navigate emotional breakdowns and prevent lots of potentially tearful arguments along the way.

What You Can Do Together:

Make an appointment with your nutritionist or lifestyle coach 3 weeks before you begin your plan, so that both of you have time to discuss the physical and emotional impact weight loss can have on a daily basis and create a reaction plan – things that you can do together to calm intense situations as they arise, such as; write down some supportive words and phrases you and your spouse can use to relay understanding in an escalating situation, a defined breathing routine that enables you both to calm down when you hit a breakdown, and/or personally being aware of your own behavior and calmly acknowledging it to your spouse, are all practical and positive preventative measures, that will put you both on the same page in reminding each other that you are a team!”

For more helpful hints on realistic conversation tips, just click 4 Tips to Get Your Partner on Board for a Healthy Lifestyle Change and start talking effectively for better understanding!



Talking Business With Amazing Women

Marked At Birth Utah Business Women Assc

I loved speaking today to the amazing Utah Business Women who drive small businesses forward in the state of Utah!

We had an incredible time together discussing how to transform our personal trials/challenges into businesses that empower and inspire. Thank you to all who interacted, listened and came up to me at the end of our time together to thank me for sharing my personal story with them of turning my birthmark into the mark I leave on the world! It was such a pleasure.


Tips For Stressed Out Moms


Photo Credit Wellness Force Radio

No More Stress! Get Back To The Authentic You.

Being a new mom is a very stressful situation. Hormones, schedules, body changes, lifestyle changes, midnight feedings and a whole host of other issues can create chaos in your life, and sometimes all you can do is sit down and cry!

Josh Trent, Host of top itunes rated wellness podcast, Wellness Force Radio, and I sat down to chat all about my tips for helping out new moms feel like their authentic selves again.  Josh is an amazing person who has been through a wellness lifestyle transformation himself and is so easy to talk to.  I felt more at ease just talking with him myself!  One of the top things Josh and I talked about is learning to educate ourselves on what our bodies need to reduce stress and feel more confident in knowing how to provide for ourselves, so that we feel good about ourselves.  For moms, this is especially important.

When we know how our body functions, we can exercise more control over our emotional, hormonal and physical healing in post-partum life, which will allow us to feel more confident in our ability to not only be a good mother, but more like our pre-baby self.  Here’s the top 5 topics we cover in the interview:

  • Understanding what the body needs
  • Understanding what the emotions need
  • Balancing mom life with personal life
  • Fitness makes us feel good
  • Nutrition as a stress management tool

To check out the interview, just click here: Angela Martindale: Life Changing Habits For Stressed Out Moms and you can hear all of our tips for a healthier you!


Take Your First Business Trip With Confidence

First-Time-Business-Travelers Pic

Photo Credit SharpHeels.com

Going on your first business trip is exciting! Getting prepared for it under pressure can be hectic and overwhelming if you’re not sure how to do it efficiently.  As a lifestyle expert, I love sharing my latest tips for maximizing all of life’s situations so you can face them head on, and feel great doing everything you need to for the most successful experience possible, which is why I am sharing this tip list with SharpHeels.com!

Here is a sample of some of my top tips you can use to minimize stress, optimize energy and make a great first impression to the people that matter in your first business trip presentation:

“1. Power Trip
No matter whether you are packing for a trip where you are part of a team, or going solo, representing your business requires that you feel like a rock star. What better way to feel like you can kill it, then to wear an amazing pair of killer heels?

Solution: Pick out your power heels at the beginning of your travel week, as a visual motivator for how you are going to feel when you first shake hands with that game-changing individual in your big meeting. Visual motivation is truly powerful for building confidence, and if you walk into your meeting feeling like a rock star because you’ve been visualizing yourself presenting in your power shoes all week, then chances are you will feel the part and own the dialogue as you deliver a confident message. . . ”

For all of my tips visit: 5 Tips To Stay Focused, Energized & In Control While Traveling for Work and start feeling confident in your ability to rock the world with every trip you take!


4 Tips To A More Positive Morning Wake-Up

The Active Times Wake Up

Sometimes we just get up on the wrong side of the bed!  If it seems to be a habit that is hard to break, then perhaps you need an AM intervention so you can wake up welcoming the day (or at least tolerating it) instead of pulling the covers up over your head and slinking as far down under the covers as you possibly can when the alarm goes off!

TheActiveTimes.com and I are sharing some tips to get you in shape so you create a new morning routine habit, replace that yawn with a smile and mentally and physically be prepared to do what you need to do for a successful day! If you need some help cultivating a new morning attitude, then click here and try these tips out.  Transform Tip: Start with one of these habit changes and add the others once you have mastered the first, for a slower transition into positive territory.

After all, no one likes a grumpy Gus first thing in the morning right (at least not after 8 AM)? So get to seeing blue skies and start enjoying your mornings more and more over the next few weeks.




Purpose in Everyday Life

Stop Searching For Your Purpose and Just Live Your Life

It can be hard to find your authentic voice and deeper life purpose when you wake up in the morning, knowing that you have a million things on your plate to do and only 24 hours to get them done before the next daily cycle begins.  Finding that personal passion and creating opportunities to fulfill it often seems like a dream that only few people ever experience in reality, but there are a few practical things that we can do in our daily life that can lead us to mindful insights and transformative living, without even realizing we are doing it.  Sharing my top tips with the EverydayPowerBlog.com for creating purpose in your life, simply by living your life, was a great experience for me.  I was reminded of the impact basic principles such as gratitude, hard work and positive perspective have in helping us find meaning without truly seeking for it.  Although I practice those key principles in my life in general, everyone needs a healthy reminder to stop trying so hard to feel fulfilled, and just enjoy the ride that is everyday life.  Amazing things happen everyday such as; getting a smile from a stranger, being the stranger to smile, someone holding the door open for someone, someone saying “thank you” for something, someone achieving a milestone they worked hard for, to someone realizing that they are in control of their choices.  It’s the little things, events and conversations that create big, powerful, life altering transformations and it was such a pleasure to share some of the ways I have been able to find purpose in my life, simply by living it.  I hope you enjoy the article.  Just click here to read it, and share it with a friend who might need a reminder that they have purpose too.
Photo credit: EverydayPowerBlog.com

Is Moldy Food Safe To Eat?

 FullSizeRender-10 (2)safe-eat-mold-800x800

When I was asked to comment on a story Care2.com was doing on the safety of eating moldy foods, my first thought was,”Seriously? Um-no it’s not safe” and “Ew-why is there even a question about the safety of moldy foods?”, but given the media buzz on eating foods with fungi growth lately, it’s a good thing I was asked to contribute my thoughts. Hopefully this article will help prevent any mistaken thinking one might have, that moldy foods are in any way “fine” to eat.

Click on the link for the the full article on Care2.com to get the fact fuzz on eating anything growing it.

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Defining Success

what-is-success-blog picture

What is success and how can we create our own definition?

Angela Martindale

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