Getting Personal On CBS KUTV2's Person2Person With Host Shauna Lake

I was so honored to be on the local CBS affiliate KUTV2’s Person2Person Show this month, and so humbled by all of the support that so many friends, family and clients have shown me over the years and continue to show me in person, on social media and in personal correspondence.  I am grateful for everything that each of you bring to my life, from accepting my full facial birthmark and history as a survivor, to inviting me into your homes and offices as a nutrition, wellness and success coach and speaker, and consistently being part of my Meals That Transform brand.  I am more than happy to share this special TV segment moment with you, as it is a testimonial to the power of healthy personal transformation for us all!

You Can Watch The Entire Person2Person Segment Right Here: Angela Martindale Gets Personal on Person2Person

Thanks to you all,


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Angela Martindale

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