4 Tips To A More Positive Morning Wake-Up

Sometimes we just get up on the wrong side of the bed! If it seems to be a habit that is hard to break, then perhaps you need an AM intervention so you can wake up welcoming the day (or at least tolerating it) instead of pulling the covers up over your head and […]

Defining Success

What is success and how can we create our own definition? By Angela Martindale Success is created by personal accomplishments that only the individual can define as being achieved. When we set goals, we are hopefully setting realistic goals based on what we know we need to accomplish for our personal success, […]

Getting Personal On CBS KUTV2's Person2Person With Host Shauna Lake

I was so honored to be on the local CBS affiliate KUTV2’s Person2Person Show this month, and so humbled by all of the support that so many friends, family and clients have shown me over the years and continue to show me in person, on social media and in personal correspondence. I am […]

Angela Martindale

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